Intelligent hummingbirds are preparing to migrate south


T&G reader George Gavutis shared that last week, for the first time, a trusting hummingbird flew up to his watering pail to sip a drink as George poured it over some of his garden plants. Fascinatingly, hummingbirds can recognize individual people and even fly around them to indicate that a nectar feeder is empty.

As they do every year in mid-September when the broad-winged hawks fly through and our nectar sources begin drying up, our enchanting hummingbirds leave us, too, on their long journey to Mexico and Central America. I’m going to miss them and their entertaining antics.

They have a perilous journey ahead of them, including predators and hurricanes. Their hyperactive lives are brief, 3 to 5 years at most. If they survive their journey, they’ll return here – to the very same feeders – taking the very same route that they’ve used before and arriving amazingly on our properties within a day of when they arrived last year.


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