IU captures the headlines with her stories of the moon in new ‘Strawberry Moon’ teaser


Another bomb song seems to be on the way as IU has announced plans to release the digital single ‘Strawberry Moon’. Following her fifth studio album ‘LILAC’ and its double title tracks ‘Celebrity’ and ‘LILAC’ that achieved immense success domestically, this will be her comeback in about 7 months, ‘Strawberry Moon’ releases on October 19.


The latest update on the single is a moving teaser that catches the eye with its headline of ‘IU’s strawberry moon THAT MAKES LOVE COME TRUE WILL RISE’. The article below the bold lettering reads the story of a moon, a full one at that. As the history of the moon cycle is talked about in much detail, the image of a pink moon can be seen. As two people hold hands with a lollipop between them, their silhouette fronts the newspaper.


The second news mentions ‘DIFFERENT NAMES TO CALL A FULL MOON’ with a picture of IU hiding behind an orange camera, staring ahead with wide eyes. January through December, the various names for the full moon are jotted with crucial details.


A countdown works its way through numbers as it reveals the single’s release date to be October 19 at midnight KST.



IU has become a point of attraction for the South Korean music industry as she grew up to the top with her sweet voice, unique music and a heart kinder than the majority. She has found home in acting apart from being the artist behind multiple chart-topping albums. Her next project ‘Dream’, a film with actor Park Seo Joon has been awaited after multiple successful runs in dramas before.


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