Volunteers take to Presque Isle on International Coastal Cleanup Day


It was a busy day today on the beaches of Presque Isle State Park.

Instead of taking it easy on the shores of Lake Erie however, these beach goers went to work.

This isn’t a typical day at the beach. It’s a day for volunteering while teaching the young and old valuable lessons.

“Importance of keeping the Earth clean and we live here so it’s going to be what we put into it. So it’s very important to keep the Earth clean because again we live here,” said Bethany Kovach, Parent/Volunteer.

Kovach took her three sons to Presque Isle for International Coastal Cleanup Day, an event happening around the world and right here in Erie County.

“Like how we’re going to help animals in the water and how we’re going to make the dirty beaches back to a clean fun beach,” said Kyren Lindahl, 5th Grader at Montessori Regional Charter.

Picking up trash along the shoreline is an important component of this day, but so is the data collected by the volunteers as they keep track of the items they collect.

“So all of that information goes into a database with the Conservancy and that really gives us a lot of information to do education. What’s going on, what about the trans, and hopefully find solutions,” said Brian Gula, Environmental Education Specialist.

Solutions that help them manage the environment and raise awareness about issues surrounding litter.

Once volunteers fill their trash bags, they’ll leave them alongside the roads so then park officials can come pick them up, take them to the waystation and find out how much trash has been collected.

“So I have a scale and I go around after these folks are done. They’re told to leave their bags alongside the road and then I go along and weigh them all, and then that goes into the information that goes to the Ocean Conservancy, and then our maintenance staff comes around. I picked up the trash,” said

Something they could never do without the volunteers which is why this is a win win for the park and volunteers.

“That’s why I was explaining to them when you get the good things out good things come back,” said Kovach.

Now park officials wait on that data to come back so they can try to rid the beach of the litter, reminding everyone on International Coastal Cleanup Day to clean up after themselves and leave no trace.

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