Will You Stand Up for Humanity?


Gretchen Kemman


The people of our country and our world face a foe far more deadly than any physical pathogen. This foe destroys human minds. This foe destroys human spirits. This foe destroys human freedom.

Beginning in 2020, humanity’s foe unleashed an unceasing flood of contradictory, fear inducing, and shaming messages, alongside destructive emergency measures, contributing to development of mass-formation hypnosis, worldwide. This phenomenon rendered those affected highly susceptible to the application of stress manipulation techniques described by Albert Biderman in his 1957 Chart of Coercion: Isolation, Monopolization of Perception, Humiliation and Degradation, Exhaustion, Threats, Occasional Indulgences, Demonstrating Omnipotence, and Enforcing Trivial Demands. Eighteen months of enduring these abuses, committed in the name of “protecting the vulnerable,” has weakened minds and dulled moral sensibilities.

To keep humanity complicit in the abuse, our foe relies on broad acceptance of a false premise and its logical conclusions: Human beings inherently, by their very biological existence, pose a grave and ever-present danger to others. This danger can only be averted by imposing “protective abuses,” including negation of bodily autonomy, integrity, privacy, and parental authority. These protective abuses must be applied even to, especially to, innocent children. Anyone who rejects protective abuses is aggressive, ignorant, and selfish, a vicious attacker. All dissenters, therefore, are domestic terrorists who deserve to be isolated and punished or to suffer and die.

Humanity’s foe will continue this abuse until enough find the courage to reject the abusers and their lies.

Unlike our foe, nature poses challenges we must accept rather than reject, if we are to survive and thrive. Sun warms and nourishes but also scorches and kills. Cold cleanses and refreshes but also bites and pains. Water enables life but also destroys. Earth embraces all existence on its bosom, a blessing. But Earth’s bosom also churns and heaves and spews, a curse. Nature nurtures. Nature kills. Nature is observable, reveals patterns, but lacks intent or will. Nature may harm but it never abuses. Only weakened human spirits abuse.

Inalienable human rights are premises, too. But unlike the killer supposition described above, these ideas nurture life, nurture society. The words “inalienable human rights” give voice to ancient observations of principles leading to the best possible lives for the most individuals.

These principles inspire courage, honesty, kindness, and respect, resulting in creative and vibrant societies.

Your respect for my inalienable human rights protects you! My respect for your inalienable human rights protects me! Our collective respect for inalienable human rights, no matter the shared difficulties we face, acknowledges complexity and diversity and brings out our best.

Our foe would prefer we dissolve into fear, enabling unbridled authoritarian mercenaries, corrupt and immoral, to continue to rule by abuse, arbitrarily and capriciously.

The inducement of mass hypnosis to divide and conquer the free world is no accident. Trillions of dollars have been poured into this effort, enriching millions of participants, witting or unwitting.

Will you continue to allow abusers to prevail? Or will you stand up for humanity?


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